Pittsburgh College Diversity Summit Features Professional Development for Young Adults

Pittsburgh College Diversity Summit Features Professional Development for Young Adults

Pittsburgh, PA – – The Pennsylvania Diversity Council is hosting a College Diversity Summit on September 27, 2016 at the University of Pittsburgh. This event was inspired by and for young adults who represent the next era of change agents and champions in our dynamically diverse society. The summit promotes personal and professional leadership empowerment through a knowledge transfer of coaching and mentorship.

“The Pittsburgh College Diversity Summit will provide an excellent opportunity for local young adults to grow through knowledge transfer and mentorship,” said Dennis Kennedy, Founder & Chair of the National Diversity Council.

The event will focus on young adults (current students and recent graduates) who are making their transition from college to career. It will feature instructional strategies on building and managing your personal brand, diversity & inclusion training, advisement and exploration of innovative strategies, and coaching from senior level human resource executives.

Registration for the Pittsburgh College Diversity Summit is currently ongoing and can be completed by visiting the event webpage at http://padiversitycouncil.org/what-we-do/events-and-programs/college-diversity-summit/2016-college-diversity-summit/2016-pittsburgh-college-diversity-summit.

For more information, contact Lanre Ogunbufunmi at [email protected].

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