"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together." -Malcolm Forbes

Start a State Council

Step 1: Establish a Board of Directors

  • Board members representing an organization preferably will hold a job title of director or above
  • A two-year term of board membership is supported by the financial commitment of a corporation in a form of paid membership. There is a financial commitment for each board seat paid by their corporation
  • Availability to attend meetings three times a year in person or by conference call

Additional Information

  • The board seat belongs to the corporation and not to the individual who sits on the board
  • The Board Officers will be selected through self nomination at the first board meeting
  • The Board of Directors will consist of 10-15 individuals or another quantity stipulated by the bylaws of the council

Step 2: Hire a staff member

  • Staff member will be responsible for initiating councils throughout the state and/or region and will report to both the state Board of Directors and the National Diversity Council
  • Staff member will work directly with Dennis Kennedy to launch the council

Step 3: Develop a state strategy

  • Strategy will be developed locally, based on the needs and imperatives of the state or regional council
  • A Code of Order will be developed to serve as guidelines for the council

Step 4: Implement councils in major cities or regions

  • Establish officers and advisory boards at the local level to drive local initiatives that align with the mission and vision of the NDC
  • Develop annual agenda for the council

The Role of the National Diversity Council

  1. Incorporate the organization as a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) and file all paperwork with the state and the IRS
  2. Provide job descriptions and direction for staff
  3. Coach the board of directors on steps to launch the council and maintain its momentum once launched
  4. Create initial website for the council

Corporations that prefer to hold board seats at more than one council may want to consider a membership at the national level.


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