Shaping the Future of Diversity: From “Smoke and Mirrors” to Sustainable Action

The complexity of societal change is driving organizations to elevate diversity and inclusion to a higher, more strategic level. Implementation of diversity and inclusion processes– based on strategic, targeted action–is crucial to improving organizational performance.


  • To develop individual and organizational competencies to shape more effective diversity and inclusion processes
  • To increase the ability to understand and anticipate the dynamics of the changing workforce, marketplace and the community in the next decade
  • To provide tools and information to participants that can be applied in their organizational and personal lives for shaping diversity – from
    the current “smoke and mirrors” approach to sustainable action


This workshop is designed to take an in-depth look at:


The Multi-Dimensional Workforce

Today’s changing laborforce-smaller and less skilled, increasingly global, virtual, self-empowered and vastly diverse-requires redefining diversity processes, policies and practices. Learn how organizations are using advancing technology to meet the needs of the new, multidimensional workforce. Discover how organizations are forming strategic alliances with diverse educational institutions and community organizations to develop critical competencies for now and the future.

The Changing Marketplace

Ever mindful of the changing marketplace, organizations must integrate diversity to help advance their market position. Learn how innovative organizations use advancing capabilities, such as technology and alliances, to meet the varied needs and tastes of the consumer. Explore how internal affinity groups help to identify diverse marketplace opportunities.

Change and Complexity in the World

Learn how organizations are working actively to move their cultures and strategies to the next level of diversity, eliminating the past “smokeandmirrors” approach, and embracing true inclusion. Present day actions will determine tomorrow’s reality. Is your organization ready for tomorrow?