Making a World of Difference

Making a World of Difference is a one-day program designed to challenge your participants to become positive change agents in their workplace. The program presents the business case for diversity and them anyways that, increasingly in the 21st century, an inclusive workforce leads to greater success. This program asks your participants to understand and reflect on their role in promoting inclusion,thereby building successful and effective working relationships within their organization.

One component of the program is the Global Diversity Survey,a new tool designed to increase awareness of self,others and the world. Just as with any personal assessment, honest responses from your participants will allow them to get the most value from the tool. The survey is intended as a developmental tool to help your participants further their personal and professional growth.


During this program, your participants will:

  • Increase their awareness and understanding of differences, differentiate myths from facts, and learn the business case for valuing and managing differences.
  • Experience the strategic importance of seeking collegial and collaborative working relationships with diverse others and understand the benefit of diverse perspectives in problem-solving.
  • Appreciate the mutual benefits of displaying respect for the person, their message, and the context when communicating across cultures.
  • Begin to consciously select personal behaviors that promote working effectively with others whose perspectives, values, and beliefs differ from their own.
  • Develop a plan of action for becoming a change agent for diversity in their workplace and community.