Developing a Performance Based Diversity & Inclusion Scorecard

Many organizations use diversity scorecards to assess the status and effectiveness of their D&I initiatives and forecast the future direction they should take to move their efforts forward. Questions to consider are: Does the scorecard measure progress on the “concept” or viable action? Who is involved in the process? How do you go about implementing viable D&I initiatives that are measurable? Who is accountable for the progress of these initiatives?


This workshop will assist participants in developing and implementing a focused and performance based D&I ScoreCard that:

  • Identifies targeted D&I initiatives which are deemed to be critical to the success of business units/functions and the overall organization
  • Engages stakeholders in the process
  • Assesses the progress of each initiative vis-a-vis practice vs. concept
  • Provides a method for assisting managers in implementing actionable performance based initiatives for continued growth and progress
  • Creates accountability across the organization