Building a Respectful Workplace

Organizations have created specific policies to ensure non-discrimination and prevent harassment in the workplace. In addition to these policies, organizations expect all employees to behave in a manner that fosters, promotes and maintains a positive working environment and an attitude of mutual respect. They also maintain an Open Door policy to foster the spirit of open communication and direct dealings between management and non-management employees.

This training session represents a key initiative intended to help employees respect and utilize their unique differences while contributing to the vision of their organization as:

  • The best place to work
  • The best place to innovate
  • The best place to invest


  • Define and describe the characteristics of an inclusive and respectful workplace
  • Analyze and examine their beliefs and reactions to specifictypes of difference
  • Explain the benefits of mutual respect in the workplace
  • Define standards for acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior
  • Identify the personal and organizational benefits that result from creation and maintenance of a respectful workplace
  • Develop and apply new skills (including the M.E.E.T. model) to effectively resolve diversity-related situations
  • Describe their role and responsibilities with respect to the creation, promotion and maintenance of a respectful and inclusive workplace