Bridging The Generations Gap

Bridging the Generations Gap is a researched base done day program designed to provide a constructive forum to explore and create a better understanding of the tensions and dynamics which sometimes exist between different generations in the workplace.

The Multi-Generational Workforce

For the first time in history, four generations workside by side. Each generation has different expectations regarding the “work experience.” In addition, each generation is multi-dimensional and knowing what people want and need, what motivates them to do their best will ensure greater participation and engagement, contributing to organizational performanceand results.

This interactive workshop takes an in-depth look at:

  • How generational differences can cause conflict in the workplace resulting in decreased work performance
  • The unique “definingmoments” that influencethe norms and nuances of each generation
  • Tools and techniques that participants can use to blend each generations distinct characteristics to create dynamic teams
  • How organizations can create an environment of inclusion that results in operational excellence


During this program, participants will increase their understanding of:

  • The factors that create differences between generations
  • How to manage the dynamics of the multi generational workplace
  • How to foster appreciation of generational differences for an improved workplace climate
  • How to use generational differences as a strength for improving performance and generating creativity and innovation
  • How to build exceptional team performance and reduce non-productive conflicts.