"All my life I've been looking for diversity." -Max von Sydow


The National Diversity Council supports and sponsors a number of diversity-related events around the country that supports our mission. Our hope is that these events further the dialogue on diversity and inclusion in both the work place and the community. We encourage you to participate in our related events. These events are listed below.

Corporate Responsibility Summit www.uscorporateresponsibility.org

The Council for Corporate Responsibility hosts summits and training events tailored to the audience of senior leaders invested in the Corporate Responsibility efforts of their organizations. Together, we explore the ever-changing challenges and corresponding solutions to driving sustainability through good corporate citizenship.

Diversity & Leadership Conference www.nationaldiversityconference.com

This annual event is held to educate and create local dialogue on diversity and inclusion and to celebrate the wide array of differences in our communities. Participants have an opportunity to attend a wide array of workshops and hear from dynamic speakers that will increase their knowledge and understanding of a diverse work place and community.

Empowerment Conference www.kennedyempowerment.com

The Kennedy Empowerment Conference provides the necessary tools to jump-start your professional development and take an active role in creating your own success. Strength, motivation and determination are three factors that are indispensible when it comes to effective personal growth and these points are specifically stressed during the conference. The new, empowered you will radiate confidence, exhibit superior leadership qualities, and experience the sort of satisfaction that derives only from excellence in achievement. Kennedy Empowerment will give you a firm foundation upon which to build your own vision of accomplishment and walk you through the specifics of implementing beneficial professional strategies for growth and professional advancement.

LGBT-Allies Diversity Summit www.lgbtasummit.com

To be the best in today’s market requires organizations to thoroughly understand how all employees and customers fit into their strategic plans. Their LGBT-Allies resources are no exception.

The LGBT-Allies Diversity Summit is one that not only promotes the advancement of work place equality for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people, but also provides value to today’s leading organizations. Whether you are a Human Resource or Diversity professional, a people manager, or an individual contributor, you will leave these educational sessions with a better understanding of the LGBT-Allies climate, ready to build fully-inclusive work places, and boost your competitive edge.

Mentoring Summit www.mentoringsummit.com/summits.htm

Most powerful executives and CEOs will say that mentoring is a key development activity that may not be equally available to all populations in the work place. Formal Mentoring Programs provide an opportunity for employers to further their diversity goals by bringing more people together as mentoring partners who might not otherwise be inclined to do so. In order to create inclusion and a diverse leadership pipeline, mentoring programs must be successful.

Women In Leadership (WIL) Symposium & Women’s Summit www.wilsymposium.com

The focus of this annual event is to bring together a diverse mix of successful women leaders who, through the discussion of topics relevant to today’s issues, will educate, inspire and encourage women to reflect on their own goals and status as they strive to advance within their organizations.

Women’s Conference www.nationalwomensconference.com

This annual conference focuses on professional development, community, networking, entrepreneurship and women’s health. It gives women a tremendous opportunity for growth and development. In addition, the conference serves as a dialogue for women in different professions and industries.