2016 Coaching to Win™

In an era when it is increasingly difficult to find the best talent, and at a time when a host of demographic differences – generational, national, racial, ethnic, gender – characterize our workplaces, organizations need to meet their best talent where they are and allow them to bring their all. How do you do that? Coaching. But few of us are naturals when it comes to coaching, and most of us labor under mistaken stereotypes of what coaching really entails. That’s where Coaching to Win comes in. If the talent within your organization is never unleashed or remains underdeveloped, satisfaction and prosperity for those individuals and the company won’t materialize. Coaching to Win gives leaders skills and tools that enable them to raise their workers’ contribution and sense of value. It unlocks the potential within everyone involved, leader and direct report alike.

The full-day Coaching to Win workshop covers the fundamentals of coaching and includes a high level of practice and interaction. Participants will leave the session fully prepared to conduct their first coaching session focused on a goal important to driving business results:

The overall objectives for Coaching to Win™ are to drive business results by:

  • Enhancing leadership and coaching skills
  • Equipping leaders to deliver more effective coaching and feedback
  • Equipping leaders to continue driving performance and productivity
  • Ensuring leaders meet their current and future business objectives


Presented by

Jane Pierce
Pierce Development Group



Los Angeles, CA
Orange County, CA
San Diego, CA



Spring 2016


Individual Registration — $139


A $3 processing fee will be charged to all registrations