About Us

The National Diversity Council is the first non-profit organization to bring together the private, public and non-profit sectors to discuss the many dimensions and benefits of diversity. We communicate with our members through various platforms including websites, email blasts and newsletters.

Placing advertisement on these platforms allows your organization to:

  • brand itself as a premiere organization dedicated to diversity and inclusion
  • attract a talented, diverse workforce
  • increase recognition of your diversity and inclusion efforts in each of our various markets

Our Focus

The National Diversity Council seeks to champion diversity in both business and communities across the nation, in order to create a truly open society, where everyone is valued for their unique perspectives and viewpoints. We communicate our message across a wide variety of platforms, including:

Email Blasts

Our email blasts serve as the primary form of communication and marketing to our members across the nation.


Our newsletters are a source of knowledge regarding the impact of diversity and leadership in the communities across the country.


Our annual events offer a venue for professional development, while also providing insight into topics such as diversity, leadership and professional development.

Web Sites

Our plethora of websites provide education and training in a variety of topics, such as diversity and inclusion, corporate responsibility, and women’s initiatives, among many others.

For more information, or to purchase advertisements, please contact Michael Zamora at [email protected].