Diversity Calendar

Month Monthly Celebration Special Dates

1-6 Carnival Season

Shabbatt – sundown (Jewish)

1-16 – Martin Luther King (U.S.), National Day of Peace (El Salv)

1-23:  Lunar/Chinese New Year


Black History Month

American Heart Month

2-5: Constitution Day (Mexico)

2-7/8: Tu B’Shevat (Jewish)

2-15: Susan B. Anthony Day (US)

2-22: Ash Wednesday (Christian)

2-28: Memorial Day (Taiwan)


Women’s History Month

Irish American Heritage Month

Deaf History Month

3-8 International Working Women’s Day

3-11: Restoration of Statehood Day (Lithuania)

3-21: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

3-22: World Water Day (UN)

3-31: Earth Hour; Cesar Chavez Day


4-1: Palm Sunday (Christian); All Fools Day (Int)

4-2:  World Autism Awareness Day

4-6:  Good Friday (Christian)

4-8: Buddah’s Birthday (Buddist); Easter

4-20: National Day of Silence (LGBT)

4-30: Liberation Day (Vietnam)


Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Month

Jewish American History Month

Older Americans Month

5-1: International Labor Day (Int);  May Day (US)

5-5: Cinco de Mayo (Mexico, US)

5-8: National Teacher Day

5-17 Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Ed (US)

5-21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialog and Development (UN)

5-28: Memorial Day (US)


Pride Month

Black Music Month

National Carribean American Heritage Month

6-8: Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival Day (Native American)

6-11: King Kamehameha Day (US-Hawaii)

6-19: Juneteenth (US)

6-21: National Aboriginal Day (Canada)

6-23: Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat Festival) (China)

6-28: Versailles Treaty Day (INT)