"We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color." -Maya Angelou

Founder’s Welcome

Dennis Kennedy

Welcome to the National Diversity Council website. In 2004, I walked away from my job to follow my vision of starting the Texas Diversity Council.  My hope was to create a statewide organization that would promote diversity & inclusion.  I definitely saw the need for an organization that would take a leadership role in championing diversity throughout Texas. Five years later, I found myself heading up the launch of a national organization.

I see a strong need for a diversity council at the national level.  Without a doubt, our country needs an organization that can create synergies to foster diversity through partnerships, advocacy and education.  With the increasing changes in our work place and marketplace, the need for such an organization is essential today. The business case for diversity and inclusion grows stronger as each day passes.

The vision of the National Diversity Council is to establish state and regional councils across the United States.  These councils will take a leadership role in promoting diversity and inclusion within our work places and communities. Each state council will have its own board of directors, staff and officers that will drive initiatives locally. In fact, local impact is what we want to achieve. Our purpose is to create local dialogue on the value of diversity and inclusion. Ultimately, our goal is to advocate for diversity as a business imperative to increase our chances to innovate and create sustainable wealth for our communities.

For the National Diversity Council to succeed, we need the involvement of organizations and individuals that believe in diversity as a competitive advantage. I invite you to be part of this initiative and to join our organization today.


Dennis Kennedy

National Diversity Council

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